USA v. Ukraine

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Casey Johnson

almost 10 years

The midfield almost completely controlled the tempo and flow of the game, but counter-attacks and lapses on defense cost us 3 or 4 good chances and both goals. Cameron was like Robbie Findley in 2010: almost always in the right place, but not able to execute the right play with the ball. I thought Jozy and Clint looked clean and reasonable for the most part, but their running off the ball was just a tick off--enough to make the difference between opening up good chances and not. The slow tempo and highly organized Ukrainian defense eventually suffocated the offense, especially Jozy and Clint. Shea and Agudelo coming on definitely made a positive change for us. Johannsson looked spry and dangerous as always, but whenever he and Jozy play together, we get nothing at all out of Jozy. I think Johannsson is taking up his positions and squeezing him out. I was pretty disappointed with the defense, including, I think Tim Howard has to help vocally keep them on point and communicating.

Howardtim_supplied Howard
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Supplied_johnsonfabian_ Johnson
Dempsey_clint.supplied Dempsey
Bedoyaalejandrofull Bedoya
Jonesjermaine_ Jones
Sacha_kljestan_-_orlando_-_headshot Kljestan
Castilloedgar Castillo
112016_isi_brooksjohn_usmntbb052816136 Brooks
Onyewuoguchi_isi_usmnthcs20101011255 Onyewu
Geoff_cameron_-_qpr_-_headshot_-_2019 Cameron
Agudelojuan Agudelo
Williamsdanny Williams
Brek_shea_-_vancouver_-_headshot Shea
112016_isi_johannssonaron_usmntjdps_060215247 Johannsson

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