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almost 9 years

Has Bradley become so exalted that we're totally incapable of recognizing it when he performs poorly? It's astounding. Last night, his decision making on the ball and passing were terrible (always either sending the wrong ball & never hitting his man); and he didn't instill confidence in me defensively either. He was also poor against Honduras, but he still seems to pull in high marks. I don't get it. He was certainly NOT the same player against Honduras & Haiti as he was against Germany & the Netherlands. Johannsson looked great. I hope this means he's finally starting in to settle in and find his rhythm with this team. What game the guy from ESPN was watching I have absolutely no idea. Unlucky to get the goal called back. While it was not up to par collectively for most of the night, I was encouraged by how Ream looked. Showed some great one-on-one defending in moments against the speedy Haitian players & is good on the ball. Zardes also continues to be encouraging on more occasions than not. Of course, I love his ability to be dangerous & make things happen. Great pass on the goal to pull that back to Dempsey & couple other dangerous moments. People, as always, overreacting about Altidore. Yes, he was bad last night (incidentally, I didn't think he was bad against Honduras), but it's one game & he's coming off injury. I can't believe he didn't take that shot in the 1st half. Points off for that just by itself. Not concerned but at least we have some good alternate options up front now (some even left at home). Man, I LIKED Zusi throughout WC qualifying, but I've seen nothing from him in all the time since. I almost can't even remember. I think we've seen what we're going to get him & stop giving him call-ups. Still not impressed by Garza. He can be decent, but I'm not understanding what people see in him.

Brad_guzan_-_atlanta_2019_headshot Guzan
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Dempsey_clint.supplied Dempsey
112016_isi_johannssonaron_usmntjdps_060215247 Johannsson
Mix_-_ulsan Diskerud
Bradleymichael Bradley
Graham_zusi_-_skc_-_headshot_-_2019 Zusi
Garzagreg_supplied Garza
Tim_ream_-_usmnt_headshot_-_2019 Ream
Omar_gonzalez_-_us_soccer_headshot_-_2019 Gonzalez
Evansbrad Evans
Klinsmanjurgen_isi_usmnt_jd_06092012_025_200 Klinsmann
Beckermankyle Beckerman
Supplied_johnsonfabian_ Johnson
Gyasi_zardes_-_asn_headshot_-_austin_fc_2023 Zardes

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