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Bedoya was undoubtedly our best player. Creative, inventive, and hard working. He deserves to start in the Gold Cup, because his play in the debacle that has been our last 4 games has been spectacular and incredibly steadfast. Jozy was good, when he got the ball (almost never). Wondo...he deserved a 0 if not for that assist. Mix was ok, and hard working, but needs to bulk up. Nice goal, he clearly has good instincts. Morales has a ton of potential, but why was he played out of position??? Beckerman couldn't handle the job in the middle all by himself, which wasn't helped by horrendous defending, and poor holdup play by Wondo. Defense......Besler had his worst game. Cameron was decent in the first half, but imploded in the 2nd. Fabian had a nice shot on goal and some nice clearences, but screwed up on the 2nd goal. I don't know what Chandler's problem is, but I don't understand why he is being played at LB. Hamid did a fine job with the garbage in front of him, but he did let 4 goals in. I want to give Morris a lot of credit. Morris was the only guy on the field that is not a professional footballer. He could have buckled under pressure, and made mistakes, but he didn't look overwhelmed, and looked lively down the left. He combined very well with Garza who nearly scored, and looks to be "our LB" for the forseeable future. Wood also looked to have potential, not only did he make the most intelligent movement, but his strength on his near goal was impressive. There is a good player in there somewhere. Now for Jurgen: 1) Why bring Wondo instead of Zardes? If anything the fact that he called up Ngyuen, Yedlin, and Jones, really helps NY and LA in the playoffs, because those players get less time with the team. Zardes led MLS in scoring for all Americans, and he like Nguyen deserved a callup. 2) if you aren't calling up Zardes, then call up Andrew Wooten who is scoring frequently in Bundesliga 2. 3) Why play Morales out of position??? Instead of playing old, slow, technically poor Wondo as a 2nd striker, put Morales next to Beckerman in CDM (you know Morales' real position), and then put the speedy Green on the left side of midfield to run off of Altidore's holdup play. 4) why are you playing Chandler at LB and Fabian at RB? If Fabian is indeed our best RB then play him there, and put Garza at LB, and then sub Chandler for one of them, but Chandler is a RB. 5) Why would you start Matt Besler. He looked tired and out of sorts. Brooks played marvelously against Colombia, and alongside Cameron he did a great job in the world cup against Ghana. 7) WHY DIDN'T GREEN GET ANY PLAYING TIME????? You questionably bring Green to the World Cup, and he scores a marvelous goal, but why is he not getting any playing time with USMNT, and instead you play Morales out of position in the place where Green should have been. Two things JK gets credit for 1) Giving Hamid a start. He is the most promising #3 behind Rimando and Guzan. Glad he got a chance. 2) Thank you for giving Morris a once in a generation chance. Even if Morris stays at Stanford and never plays professionally, he still got a chance to prove himself and did quite well.

Hamidbill_dcu Hamid
Wondolowskichris Wondolowski
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Alfredo_morales_-_usmnt_headshot_-_2019 Morales
Mix_-_ulsan Diskerud
Bedoyaalejandrofull Bedoya
Beckermankyle Beckerman
Chandlertimothy Chandler
Geoff_cameron_-_qpr_-_headshot_-_2019 Cameron
Beslermatt_ Besler
Supplied_johnsonfabian_ Johnson
Klinsmanjurgen_isi_usmnt_jd_06092012_025_200 Klinsmann
Tim_ream_-_usmnt_headshot_-_2019 Ream
Garzagreg_supplied Garza
Woodbobby Wood
Headshot_supplied_rubinrubio Rubin
Jordan_morris_-_usmnt_-_headshot_-_2019 Morris

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