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Bob Ryan

over 9 years

Landon was and out of the picture! Midfield looked a bit shaky but I think they were told to go forward as much as they could. This gave ECU strikers too much room letting them control the top of the box. Either Badoya or Mixx needed to support the center backs to enable the wings to go forward. I like Woods aggressive play but he needs to know when he needs to pass then get in position to receive the give and go. My fav. of the new players. JK will be able to work with him due to his want to go at defenders.

Brad_guzan_-_atlanta_2019_headshot Guzan
Landon_donovan_-_leon_-_headhot Donovan
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Headshot_supplied_gyaujoe Gyau
Mix_-_ulsan Diskerud
Bedoyaalejandrofull Bedoya
Deandre_yedlin_-_asn_headshot_-_usmnt_2022 Yedlin
Garzagreg_supplied Garza
112016_isi_brooksjohn_usmntbb052816136 Brooks
Orozcofiscalmichael_isi_usmntjt0910122231 Orozco
Chandlertimothy Chandler
Klinsmanjurgen_isi_usmnt_jd_06092012_025_200 Klinsmann
Joe_corona_-_club_america_headshot Corona
Wondolowskichris Wondolowski
Alfredo_morales_-_usmnt_headshot_-_2019 Morales
Tim_ream_-_usmnt_headshot_-_2019 Ream
Omar_gonzalez_-_us_soccer_headshot_-_2019 Gonzalez
Woodbobby Wood

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