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about 10 years

Bedoya, Bradley and Besler all should've been better in my eyes. Jozy and Wondo both had limited production but Wondo looked hungrier and did better when factoring in the short notice. Zusi, Cameron, and Johnson all performed well in their starts and were solid. Jones was the most consistent player throughout the match minus his one outburst at the linesman. Aron, Davis, and Mix all relished in their limited minutes and really took control of the game/put away their chances. The other subs where average but Klinsmann still gets an 8 for making the impact ones when it counted for a noticeable change in play.

Howardtim_supplied Howard
Wondolowskichris Wondolowski
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Bedoyaalejandrofull Bedoya
Jonesjermaine_ Jones
Bradleymichael Bradley
Graham_zusi_-_skc_-_headshot_-_2019 Zusi
Beasleydamarcus Beasley
Beslermatt_ Besler
Geoff_cameron_-_qpr_-_headshot_-_2019 Cameron
Supplied_johnsonfabian_ Johnson
Klinsmanjurgen_isi_usmnt_jd_06092012_025_200 Klinsmann
Chandlertimothy Chandler
Mix_-_ulsan Diskerud
Omar_gonzalez_-_us_soccer_headshot_-_2019 Gonzalez
Davisbrad_ Davis
112016_isi_johannssonaron_usmntjdps_060215247 Johannsson
Deandre_yedlin_-_asn_headshot_-_usmnt_2022 Yedlin

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