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about 10 years

Chandler really was the biggest surprise for me. I was worried about what he would do given, his poor performance against Honduras; however, I thought he added a new dimension to our attack going up the left, that Beasley didn't provide in the 1st half. Diskereud was an instant game changer and thoroughly deserved the 10. Bedoya, Zusi, and Davis were all good also on the outside. Bradley didn't look as sharp tonight, but still made some really incredible passes. Jones surprised me in a few ways: he was very disciplined, yet he looked really tired, like he had no energy to go forward. Wondo was in the right place at the right time twice, and should have had two goals, but for 2 superb saves. Altidore didn't get many chances to score, but he did holdup quite well and drew some good fouls. Johansson was clinical on the header, but other than that didn't get many touches. Yelling looked dangerous at times and forced at corner. The center backs looked fine, but they weren't tested enough for it to be an accurate showing of what will come in Brazil. Beasley looked weak to me, and appeared very sloppy with the ball. FJ looked solid as usual, and some great forays forward.

Howardtim_supplied Howard
Wondolowskichris Wondolowski
Altidorejozy_supplied Altidore
Bedoyaalejandrofull Bedoya
Jonesjermaine_ Jones
Bradleymichael Bradley
Graham_zusi_-_skc_-_headshot_-_2019 Zusi
Beasleydamarcus Beasley
Beslermatt_ Besler
Geoff_cameron_-_qpr_-_headshot_-_2019 Cameron
Supplied_johnsonfabian_ Johnson
Klinsmanjurgen_isi_usmnt_jd_06092012_025_200 Klinsmann
Chandlertimothy Chandler
Mix_-_ulsan Diskerud
Omar_gonzalez_-_us_soccer_headshot_-_2019 Gonzalez
Davisbrad_ Davis
112016_isi_johannssonaron_usmntjdps_060215247 Johannsson
Deandre_yedlin_-_asn_headshot_-_usmnt_2022 Yedlin

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