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Terrence Boyd's Towering Inferno; Heath Hearts Dax

The United States forward throws some charcoal on the BBQ and nearly burns the place down; Heath Pearce, Dax McCarty, and Brek Shea continue the gentle ribbing; Teal Bunbury goes TV critic.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
May 04, 2013
12:06 PM
10. Heath Pearce: Adorable

9. Marc Pelosi: Kids these days...

8. Freddy Adu: So many questions here… Mainly, who has Freddy already met that watches soap operas?

7. Tony Beltran: Envisioning this as Bill Murray singing "Star Wars" on SNL

6. Teal Bunbury: Might want to lay low for a while in case there some Lost fanboys coming after you

5. A.J. DeLaGarza: Hey, it was worth a shot

4. Dax McCarty: One can break this line out for any long-haired blonde in anything, and we'll laugh regardless

3. Carlos Bocanegra: Open for business...

2. Omar Gonzalez: Now that Tim Howard is healthy, it's apparently acceptable to mock the backup

1. Terrence Boyd: This is How to Not Safely BBQ 101, but if we get to see Terrence do the Bernie, it's all good

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