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Morning Read: Eddie Johnson Back to USMNT?

The Grown Ass Man lets his childlike enthusiasm get the best of him (again); The Bradleys continue to prove that they belong at the top of the U.S. Soccer pyramid; more from Club TJ.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 28, 2012
3:47 AM
  • Eddie Johnson appears headed back to the United States national team. How do we know? He retweeted a bunch of tweets congratulating him on getting the call. Which is better than last time when he leaked the news himself, but only just. Regardless, the guy deserves another shot, but man, you'd think he would stay off Twitter after he gets one.

  • Michael Bradley and Bob Bradley continue to make marks on the American soccer landscape, albeit in vastly different ways. 2012 was quite a year for both of them, and we can only expect more in 2013.

  • Club Tijuana put out a sweet video detailing their shocking run to the top of Liga MX. Joe Corona gets some face time in the first 30 seconds. And then they win. What excitement. Also, is there a stranger mascot in sports than the Xolo? (Yes, but still.)

  • Staying south of the border, 19-year-old Southern California-born Bernie MagaƱa is on his way to becoming a star at Pumas UNAM. The goalkeeper joined the Mexican squad when he was 15 and started for the first team against Club Tijuana on September 19. He will start the coming year as the squad's third goalkeeper. As for his national team future: He has yet to hear from the United States Soccer Federation, but he has played with Mexico. He says he is open to both countries.

  • Classy people, those Hannover 96 fans. Captain Steve Cherundolo's influence, no doubt:

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