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Tweets of the week

Heath is Happy and Freddy Adu Drops Some Truth

Jesse Yomtov filters the Twitterverse to find the best from your favorite United States national team players. He finds advice from a young star, waffles, and plenty of love for Jay DeMerit.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
October 27, 2012
6:40 AM
10. Robbie Rogers—Could a Cali boy say anything more Cali?

9. Dax McCarty—Talk about musical diversity.

8. Eddie Johnson—Surely the kid on the right is thrilled his face is now plastered on the Internet.

7. Alejandro Bedoya—Good to see Ale taking up the fight against Man UGGs.

6. Brad Evans—Do waffles count?

5.Jay DeMerit—This is why we love Jay DeMerit.

4. Juan Agudelo—Clearly adapting well to life in Southern California.

3. Heath Pearce—Have you ever seen anybody so happy about anything?

2. Stuart Holden—The ultimate “First World Problem.”

1. Freddy Adu—Freddy probably knows this more than anyone else.

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