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ASN Morning Read: Time for a Change at U.S. Soccer?

The United States goes down to Costa Rica and gets walloped, 4-0. So that's not good. Now Jurgen Klinsmann is on the very hot seat. Will he lose his job? How innocent we all were in the recent past. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 16, 2016
2:35 AM
  • Yanks Capitulate in Costa Rica, Fall 4-0 in Hex Match

  • A collection of player ratings

  • So you're saying there's a strong chance: 
  • This is more responsibility than he's taken, and yet, still unsatisfying: 
  • Pretty strong words: "It’s time for him to go because Klinsmann set up his team to fail against Mexico with a major formation switch that should have been tested first in a game with lower stakes, a formation switch that left his players unsure and disjointed as a unit. It’s time for him to go because the U.S. was not just beaten but overmatched against Costa Rica, and it’s a giant red flag anytime you’re wondering if the players have quit on their coach. It’s time for him to go because you can imagine other coaches, including realistic replacements like Bruce Arena, getting more out of the same players than Klinsmann is for a paycheck in excess of $3 million a year. And it’s time for him to go when the captain, Michael Bradley, says other teams have a “clear idea” of what they’re being asked to do, one implication being that the U.S. does not."

  • Food for thought: 
  • New infographic: Why Is U.S. Soccer Struggling So Badly?

  • Jokes: 

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