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ASN Morning Read: The U.S. Kids Beat Mexico

Josh Sargent did what now? The Americans post an impressive win in group play of the U-17 CONCACAF Championship; Video referees draw ever closer to being ever present. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
April 27, 2017
4:15 AM
  • The United States U-17s beat Mexico, 4-3. A couple goals:
  • That's good, right?
  • The best soccer stadium in America (the Portland Timbers' home) is getting 4,000 seats better to the tune of 50 million (privately financed) dollars. That's how you do it, Merritt. 

  • Does MLS (and the U.S. national team) have a goalkeeping problem? Arena ain't having it: "I think you're making an awful lot out of a couple of games. Did any attacking players miss a goal this past week or two? I don't think you look at a game and draw all these conclusions. You look at the body of work that players present. You don't look at one game or two games when there's a mistake."

  • This is a good thing:
  • Timmy Chandler and Christian Pulisic will face off for the DFB Pokal Cup. I hope they play one-on-one.

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