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ASN Morning Read: The Beginning to a Big Week

Jurgen Klinsmann is smiling now, but will he be at the end of an important stretch that sees the United States senior and U-23 teams play four vital games? We'll find out soon. Find out who made the roster.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 21, 2016
8:25 AM
  • Klinsmann Names 26 for Pair of World Cup Qualifiers: Altidore and Bedoya and... Orozco?

  • "We take it player by player and we try to make sure there’s the right mix of players in the whole roster, and we are convinced that this roster is strong enough to get the job done."

  • Six points means qualification for the next round. 

  • And the U-23 roster for the upcoming matches with Colombia. Friday. 5pm ET. Be there. 

  • Good analysis of the Tim Howard to Colorado thing: "While the switch doesn't spell the end of Howard's career, it marks the end of a chapter and, the duration of his career overseas is becoming increasingly rare among American players. MLS has been more willing to open up the purse strings and lure back overseas players who are closer to their prime, like Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore." 

  • Cool moves, bro: 

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