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ASN Morning Read: Red Bull Arena Sure Looks Nice

New York City's second Major League Soccer team continues to look for a place to call their home and, shock, they are having trouble finding space in the five boroughs; A forward  is hurt.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 14, 2017
7:50 AM
  • Will NYCFC ever get a stadium? Well... "In January of this year we brought over someone who’s worked at City Football Group for many years who is our chief infrastructure officer to be based out of our New York offices He works day in, day out, specifically on that. And I’m involved as well. We have multiple sites right now that are under consideration. … Some involve public processes. Some are private. And it’s, I think, going as well as and we’re as far along in terms of progress as we’ve been certainly since I’ve been here over the last 18 months."

  • This is bad:
  • "There has been extremely little correlation between World Cup qualifying performances and how the squad does in the World Cup. The pessimism surrounding the U.S. men's national team based on its World Cup qualifying campaign is not completely warranted nor is the drive to overhaul the roster. In the end, if the team crosses the finish line, it could very well be fine.That said, crossing the finish line won’t be easy. What kind of team will Bruce Arena take for the final two games? Here is my predicted 25-man roster."

  • Who's on your 23-man World Cup roster?

  • These are extraordinarily early days for the 18-year-old American in just the second full season of his promising career. But if there is anything to divine from his so-far difficult September, including Borussia Dortmund's 3-1 Champions League loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night, it's that everybody should try to expect a little less from Pulisic, including Pulisic himself."I felt good, but I still need to do more," he said after. "I need to create goals and score goals, and I couldn't do that today."

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