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ASN Morning Read: What, Klinsmann Worry?

Are you concerned about Jozy Altidore at Sunderland? Because you shouldn't be, at least not according to Jurgen Klinsmann. (And his opinion matters.) Elsewhere, Landon Donovan works on recovering.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 13, 2013
9:01 AM
  • Jurgen Klinsmann thinks Jozy Altidore will be just fine despite his less than ideal situation at Sunderland: "The way they were playing their game, he was not getting many opportunities to score. So I went there myself, watched it myself and have proof of what I saw before when I watched it on TV. It’s really difficult for Jozy, but this is also what he needs to go through... Now we need to give him patience, and I think the club has done that very well bringing him through that stretch. Hopefully for Sunderland, he starts to score more goals. They will produce chances and eventually he will score."

  • Landon Donovan hopes to be back by January from an ankle injury that hampered him at the end of the MLS season and playoffs. "My aim is to take at least the next four weeks and probably six weeks and let the ankle heal and then get myself ready," Donovan said, staying mum on whether he would be a part of the January camp.

  • A quick word about ASN's Player of the Year, Michael Bradley:

  • Three members of the United States coaching staff, including Klinsmann himself, have experience playing in Glasgow. That's sort of fun.

  • Tab Ramos takes over as youth technical director of the U.S. program, replacing Claudio Reyna. Ramos will remain coach of the U-20 team and has Tony Meola and Clint Mathis on his staff. Here are some quotes.

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