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ASN Morning Read: We Have Some Takes for You

Everyone has opinions about what went wrong for the United States men's national team. (One person has three.) Very few people seem to have any solutions, however. Perhaps those will come later
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 12, 2017
3:00 AM
  • "Looking only at World Cup matches and qualifiers, it was the worst loss in USMNT’s history based on the Elo rating system."

  • Arrogant and Sensitive, U.S. Soccer Needs New Attitude

  • Why the U.S. Missed the World Cup and What's Next

  • "For last 20 minutes of the game, my heart was pounding out of my chest. When I saw on Twitter that Panama had scored the go-ahead goal, my body went into a state I’ve never experienced.  No crowded stadium or speech or conversation has ever made my body feel the way the final whistle of this US game left me. I just put my head in my hands, unable to grasp the impossible nature of the very real reality."

  • "A cycle packed with more warning flags than a beach awaiting a hurricane riptide didn’t need to end this way, all scramble and hustle and panic and crushing sadness on a patch of soggy grass in the west Caribbean. It never should have come to this. There were plenty of nights and afternoons and even Sunday mornings where federation choices could have been more urgent, roster selections less forced, lineups and tactics more cohesive. There were plenty of “days between” to turn things right. Plenty of days and decisions and moments to make sure the US continued its streak of seven consecutive World Cups, dating back to 1990."

  • This video is good and unembeddable. 

  • "Here are the five things that went wrong in this qualifying campaign."

  • "While the defeat was surprising, especially after the Americans looked strong dispatching Panama four days earlier, it shared DNA with other disappointing results during a final-round qualification campaign in which the U.S. lost four matches for the first time."

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