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ASN Morning Read: Arena Wants Pulisic in the Middle

Technically, DeAndre Yedlin is in the middle in that photo, but whatever; the emerging United States national team star much get a more prominent role in future games; goals, goals, goals.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 15, 2017
12:00 AM
  • Bruce Arena wants to play Pulisic in the middle: "We’re going to see his comfort level when he gets into camp and talk to him a little bit. Until recently, he was playing out wide [for Dortmund] and at times playing in a real two-way role, so he had a lot of defensive responsibilities. He's demonstrated at a young age that he’s capable of getting the job done in a lot of positions. With our team, at the moment I'm on a computer doing that with the options of him playing at both spots and organizing our team accordingly." Can we talk about what Arena is doing on the computer? Is it some sort of simulation program? Or FIFA Manager?

  • Also, the kid scored again:
  • The roster is coming. The roster is coming:
  • Mark your calendars for the U-20 World Cup:
  • Altidore and Bedoya Feud, Minnesota Thumped Again

  • A long piece on Kenny Saief. What's never really answered is how good he is.

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