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ASN Morning Read: Arena Discusses World Cup Titles

U.S. men's boss Bruce Arena thinks the team will be a contender to win the World Cup in 2026 – or at least "the time when we start talking about winning" it all, possibly on home soil.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
April 14, 2017
7:00 AM
  • Bruce Arena: “In 2026, we will be fully emergent and a big player. 2026 will be the time when we start talking about winning a World Cup." 

    “Think about where we will be in nine years. Think about where we were in 1994, then 1998. Think about where we will be in our league, nine years of players playing all over the world, we will be positioned to be a really big player.”

  • The coach also addressed the Michael Bradley-Jermaine Jones midfield pairing in Panama:

    “Certainly didn’t look like anything special. As we move forward we continue to look at different possibilities. You look at the game against Honduras and the game in Panama, they’re two completely different games and have so many different qualities and characteristics. It’s hard to go from one game to the other and come out with a perfect answer. ... In my mind there are some clear choices we’re going to make in midfield and how others fit in remain to be seen.”

  • The next batch of World Cup qualifiers takes place in June. Here's 25 players we expect to be involved.

  • Minus some big stars, the fifth season of the National Women's Soccer League season gets underway on Saturday.

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