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ASN Morning Read: A Tough Week for Lionel

"Nothing's going right lately," the world's best soccer player thinks to himself as he stares blankly off into the distance. Tough life, kid; Tim Howard is back and raring to go; Alex Morgan has some thoughts. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 06, 2016
8:45 AM
  • First, he misses a penalty kick. Then, he throws a hissy fit and retires from the Argentina squad. Finally, a Spanish judge sentences Lionel Messi to 21 months in prison. He won't serve any time because Spain!, but he'll always know he did something wrong. And isn't that punishment enough?

  • Missed this guy in MLS:
  • No new CBA before the Rio Olympics, according to Alex Morgan: "No I don't see that happening. The Olympics is a month away and we're still pretty far away. So I'd say that that's slim to no chances."

  • Who's the best MLS rookie this year? 

  • Interesting:

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