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ASN Morning Read: A Spotlight on the Young Guns

The domestic league counts down its yearly list of the best and brightest young stars; the National Women's Soccer League needs to strike now; a young American hits a blip in his upward trajectory.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 21, 2016
8:00 AM
  • Major League Soccer is putting out its annual 24 Under 24 rankings. Americans in spots 24-11 include Walker Zimmerman, Matt Polster, and Juan Agudelo, who is still just 23. 

  • Christian Pulisic Makes a Bold Statement in Germany

  • Or, at least, until he didn't:
  • This is a long, good look at the state of the NWSL: "It's too cliché at times to say that the NWSL needs to strike while the iron is hot. But the iron is hot right now. Here's hoping that the league hits it hard, and is able to build a machine that launches the game into the future it so deeply deserves."

  • From the "At least he's not hurt?" department:

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