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ASN Morning Read: A Split at the Top of USSF?

Carlos Cordeiro steps into the race for United States Soccer Federation president, spurning(?) longtime ally Sunil Gulati. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 02, 2017
3:40 AM
  • "The race to become the next leader of U.S. Soccer took an unexpected twist on Wednesday, as Carlos Cordeiro -- the vice president of U.S. Soccer and a longtime friend and colleague of the current president, Sunil Gulati -- has entered the campaign for the top job himself.  Many observers assumed Cordeiro would simply support Gulati's bid to win one final term as president, but Cordeiro -- a former partner at Goldman Sachs who has been increasingly involved in the soccer world over the past 10 years -- is striking out on his own."

  • Gulati gone?
  • Maybe not:
  • Gans got jokes:
  • This is true:
  • Hard agree:
  • "Al Clark knows more about building a Major League Soccer team than just about anyone. Clark has spent countless hours compiling 'gargantuan' spreadsheets that detail player designations, contract lengths, mechanisms used to acquire those players and even estimates on what they earn and how they affect their teams’ salary caps. Each time a player is added to the spreadsheet, it throws everything into disarray, meaning more work for Clark."

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