Tweets of the Week

...And the Oscar for Best U.S. Soccer Tweet Goes to...

It seems only appropriate that there's a distinct Academy Award feel to this edition of Tweets of the Week. We also found out—via Dax McCarty—that Omar Gonzalez moonlights when not playing soccer.
BY Justin Churchill Posted
March 04, 2014
7:44 AM

10. Freddy Adu

Sorry Eric Wynalda—it's not happening.

9.Jozy Altidore

Didn't get to play today, but still finds time to give love for the traveling fans. Altidore knows how to win at Twitter.

8. Geoff Cameron

Rich and famous but he likes to hang on the couch and play FIFA just like the rest of us.

7. Herculez Gomez

This tweet is better than a Royale with Cheese.

6. Omar Gonzalez

SportsCenter can't be bothered. It's a problem.

5. Juan Agudelo

Gotta say, everyone has to be excited to have Agudelo back in a U.S. national team kit—even if it does look like something that belongs at Wimbledon.

4.Stuart Holden

We bet the perpetually exuberant Holden would be equally excited to walk his dog around the block or stand in line at the DMV.

3. Oguchi Onyewu

Great Throwback Thursday post here. Click and see.

2. Herculez Gomez

Anything Ellen can do Herc can do....almost as well. If Jennifer Lawrence was in this shot, it would have taken the top spot.

1. Dax McCarty

Timely, playful, perfect. An award winner any week of the year. We'd like to thank our parents, our agent, the cast and crew, and especially Dax McCarty for this tweet.

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