Copa America Centenario

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enrique flores

about almost 8 years ago

If i had to choose from the 40 Klinsman gave this is the team i would take n get going to continue the mentality of a possession attack oriented team. As of now i c Cameron as my starting CDM Bradley is not a 10(which is a finisher a dribbler a passer) So we bring in the most pop n decent players in Nagbe n Lee. Our Defensive oriented players are very versatile n Jones i can C play as a Defensive Back leading the charge on either wing. Our Attack will be young n hungry from the begining tiring the opponents defense as Dempsey comes in during the second half. Altidore even though he is injured I WOULD NOT INCLUDE in my team. With Bradley he pretty much has a new team so he wont continue to only pass the ball to his favorites n frankly Cameron is at a different level right now playing in the BPL. A Nagbe Nguyen Pulisic trio can prob put some damage n keep teams on their heels with either Cameron/Bradley watching over them. With the form Fabian is in he has to be up top with Wood Zardes even Morris with him choosing when to come back defensively. Acosta to me can learn more from being a defensive mid with CameronBradleyJonesWilliams in camp n he also looked great at LB January. This to me is our best team at the moment we just have to stick with something bottomline to create a Nation Team Chemistry.


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