Copa America Centenario

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about about 8 years ago

This business about Pulisic and his age is laughable; and you have to assume these people haven't seen him play and/or don't understand the level of competition he's doing it against/with. Not that there isn't some context to it, but he now plays regularly for what many consider to be a top 5 team in the world, and he always looks to be a threat. Shoot, BVB doesn't even appear to lose anything on the field when they play him instead of a guy like Reus in some of these games. This isn't just a "prospect" like other kids; he's already there. Yes, things can derail with any player later down the line and careers can take wrong turns but, if we're concerned about 'right now', then 'right now' he's ready; and I guarantee Klinsmann already has him as a lock to be on the roster anyway and possibly even a starter. He makes the right decisions, can pull something out of nothing, creates opportunities for himself, and is always dangerous with the ball at his feet going at defenders. He works well in tight spaces and is always composed. Plus, he serves up PINPOINT crosses and that first touch, that FIRST TOUCH?!? This is just what Klinsmann wants, and it couldn't have all materialized at a better time. He also brings a bit of versatility in terms of where he can play and be effective, as he could could be used out wide or just behind Jozy. In any case, it is not unprecedented for a young player to be called up and relied upon in meaningful games for any national team. It happens. And I'm not even talking about Julian Green, that's ridiculous, this is NOT a Julian Green situation. I tried to avoid players who it's already been established aren't rated by Klinsmann (i.e. Feilhaber) and therefore don't have a chance, but I couldn't ignore the fullbacks in this category. Especially considering our lack of quality with who Klinsmann continues to try out there outside of Yedlin. Evans has been serviceable and played hard in the time he was given, but we need better. And Castillo is just plain bad with the USMNT. And I've never been as impressed with Garza as others seem to be (plus, I think he's injured?). I like Ream, but he's more of a CB, and we already have some depth there. I'm ok with Chandler being called in, but we HAVE OTHER OPTIONS - Lichaj has shown he can do it (and that was at a time before he even reached his prime) & then I'd go with Villafana barely ahead of Chandler, just to try something new. Brek has tools & I hope that he's ready to take the next step at becoming a better player for the nats and in general, so I went with him to be given that chance. While I still question his defensive capabilities, I like his potential in that role and the idea of him pushing up in attack. I dunno, maybe I'd replace him with another striker, D.Williams, or Ream/Chandler. Nagbe and Nguyen could be seen as canceling each other out, but I just like what both of them can do so much, and I feel like they haven't been given the chances they deserve up to this point. Tough call between Beckerman and D.Williams, but Beckerman was such a welcome inclusion in that 2nd game against Guatemala that I figured we'd go with him for now & D.Williams after. It was between Finlay and Zusi for my last wide player. While I'm not completely sold on Finlay, and I think Zusi's experience (and solid record against CONCACAF competition) could be valuable, I just thought this would be a good spot where we can try and go with something new/fresh/younger. Plus, Zusi isn't in our future plans. I do not rate Zardes at all (even though I do think he's better out wide than up top), and think Klinsmann should cease calling him into the team altogether. While I'd like to see Lletget be given a chance at some point, this is not the time for an introduction. Players I would've liked to include but had trouble fitting in: D.Williams, Zusi, Chander, Besler, Ream, Birnbaum, Sapong, Diskerud. Players only out due to injury: Johannsson, Gyau, & Hamid Player I've already seen enough of to know I don't rate and never want to seem them be called up again: Zardes, Polster, Ibarra, Castillo, Orozco, Wondolowski, Gordon, B.Davis Thanks for your efforts, you performed admirably, but now it's time for us to part ways: B.Evans Haven't ruled out for after the Copa/would like to see be given opportunities at some point: Alvarado, Hedges, Agudelo, Sapong, Boyd, Lletget, Corona (though it seems he's fading), Morales, Kitchen, Garza Player who I believe should have to develop into something more and add a lot to his game before he gets called in again: Morris The youth players who are not far behind/would like to see be given experience at some point soon during WC Qualifying: Zelalem, Hyndman, Carter-Vickers, Rubin, Arriola, Pelosi, J.Green??, Canouse??, Gil??Kiesewetter??, Gooch?? Parker, Horvath, Cropper Maybe not too far behind, 2017 & beyond considering that time flies: Akale, Perez, Palmer-Brown, Olosunde, H.Wright, K.Scott, De la Torre, Sonora, Guido, Stanko, Tall, Novakovich, Sabbi, Weah, Barbir, Steffen U23 players I liked a lot before the Olympic playoff against Columbia but am now totally unsure about, even as "prospects": Acosta, Payne, Trapp (already was a little unsure about Morris) Not sure about, in general: Wooten, Vincent, Delgado, Rodriguez, Hernandez, Moreno Mysteries: Siebatcheu, Picault


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