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ASN Weekly Debate

Will the United States Beat Bosnia Herzegovina?

In this edition of the best Internet chat about American soccer on this site, Noah Davis and Ryan O'Hanlon attempt to insert Bosnia Herzegovina into CONCACAF and give Aron Johannsson a nickname.
BY Noah Davis and Ryan O'Hanlon Posted
August 09, 2013
1:30 PM
Noah Davis: Hi Ry. Let's talk Sarajevo. What would you like to see from the United States team on Tuesday?

Ryan O'Hanlon: Hi! More than anything, I would like to see the U.S. hydrate with seltzer both during and in the days leading up to the match. You are an expert: would this be a good thing for them to do?

Davis: It certainly wouldn't hurt. Seltzer is the best, and just as good as water. But make sure to drink enough out there, kids. Those bubbles can be tricky. Also, I would like to see the U.S. win. The more I think about it, the more I am totally into this win streak. The Americans can break the international record, currently held by Spain, against Panama in October. That would be the most American soccer thing ever.

O'Hanlon: Hell yeah! Is it a coincidence that both "win" and "USA" have the same amount of letters?

Davis: Probably.

O'Hanlon: I'll keep telling myself that it's not. And sure, why not? The team's (basically) qualified for Brazil, so the results of all the games until then are generally meaningless, so why not keep winning and become the indisputable greatest soccer team ever? That's more fun than if it it doesn't happen.

Davis: Also of note: the U.S. broke Spain's all-time longest winning streak with its 2009 Confederations Cup victory. Screw the FIFA rankings. "We're No. 1!"

O'Hanlon: Spain and FIFA can both go straight to hell as far as I'm concerned. So, if the US loses—which, haha—then Bosnia Herzegovina becomes the best team... in CONCACAF?

Davis: I think BH would at least have an argument to play New Zealand for the fourth CONCACAF World Cup qualifying spot.

O'Hanlon: Oh man. We can dream.

Davis: I would also like to see continued improvement from the U.S., which is a super boring thing to say, and Aron Johannsson play. Can I lobby we nickname him ArJo? I'm tired of typing his entire name.

O'Hanlon: How would you pronounce that?

Davis: AirJo. Like ScarJo, but not.

O'Hanlon: I like Air Jo. Or a soft-j. I can get behind either one. Question: this will be the "hardest" game the US has played since, probably, the Mexico game, right?

Davis: I think you could make a case it's the hardest game the U.S. will play the rest of the year. Actually, I think that's definitely the case.

O'Hanlon: Harder than Costa Rica?

Davis: Yes. Especially if the game isn't in Saprissa, which seems to the be case. I'm sure Costa Rica will be angry and try really hard, but I'm not convinced they are that good.

O'Hanlon: I think so, too. Despite the less-important circumstances, the possibility the Bosnia's best players won't play the whole game, that Bosnia's best players won't all play, that Bosnia's best players won't care, and etc., it'll still be way more difficult to beat Bosnia, who are really good.

Davis: Great. So we're in agreement once again. Would you rather play Mexico at home or Costa Rica on the road?

O'Hanlon: Which game do I think the U.S. has a better chance of winning? Mexico at home.

Davis: I'll stay Costa Rica on the road. I don't buy the 'Mexico is in chaos' narrative, even though they are, and—as already stated—I'm not sold on Costa Rica. What up, shopping metaphors.

O'Hanlon: I'm not all Black Friday on Mexico, either. This is where you would and should invest in stock in the Mexican National Team. As for Costa Rica, the difference between playing them home versus playing them away is the difference between using a plastic and a paper grocery bag. One's difficult and bad for you, while the other is easy and relatively harmless.

Davis: I heard Kyle Beckerman use the paper/plastic metaphor one time.

O'Hanlon: What was he talking about?

Davis: Bagging groceries.

O'Hanlon: So what was it a metaphor for then?

Davis: Stop asking questions.

O'Hanlon: There is no such thing as a stupid question—unless it concerns Kyle Beckerman's inability to grasp the concept of a shopping metaphor, apparently.

Davis: Maybe it was my inability to make a joke. Final thoughts: Prediction for Tuesday's score?

O'Hanlon: Dos a uno, Bosnia.

Davis: 1-0 Estados Unidos.

O'Hanlon: If they shut out Bosnia in Bosnia, I will personally bag Kyle Beckerman's groceries for an entire week.

Davis: Paper or plastic?

O'Hanlon: That is the eternal question.

Noah Davis and Ryan O'Hanlon do this every week. They clearly don't have enough to do.

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