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United States 2, Mexico 2: ASN's 360-Degree Take

Still thinking about the United States - Mexico match? So are we. Whether you're looking to consume, create, or comment, we have an embarrassment of riches for you.
BY John Godfrey Posted
April 03, 2014
1:29 PM
IN THE BUILDUP to Wednesday's match, we profiled a number of key players, including:

  • Nick Rimando, who looked great in goal despite the final scoreline.

  • We also spoke with Michael Parkhurst, who took a big leap forward in his pursuit of a World Cup roster spot with a strong effort against El Tri.

  • DeAndre Yedlin also received the ASN Spotlight treatment courtesy of Brian Sciaretta.

  • And, if you haven't already seen the first of a three-part documentary series on Maurice Edu, you're really missing out. Our partners at Arch Rivals did a great job with it, and we're anxious to see how Chapters 2 and 3 pan out.

    WE LIKE INTERACTIVE STUFF here at ASN, and we have a bunch of United States v. Mexico-flavored options for you on this front as well.

  • We invite you to see how the pundits rated the Americans who played against Mexico—hint: Bradley good; Gonzalez bad—and then strongly encourage you to create your own ratings. It couldn't be easier, and it sparks plenty of conversations.

  • Did the Mexico match make you wonder, or perhaps rethink, your preferred 23-Man Roster for Brazil? Here's the place to go—ASN's custom-built, drag-and-drop 23-Men for Brazil tool. It puts you in Jurgen Klinsmann's shoes and forces you to make some decisions. Here's mine...but after the Mexico match I already have a few changes in mind.

  • And if you're the slightest bit concerned about the American defensive setup, you kind of have to express your POV with our ASN Matrix, which gives you a chance to vent about what you saw against Mexico, or fear seeing in June against Ghana, Portugal, and Germany.

    IN TERMS OF GAMEDAY COVERAGE, we had four people at the match—five if you include Stephen Yang, who provided us with some great photos—and we think we hit all the key points.

  • The game story, of course. We did a halftime post as well, which in hindsight seems very dated already. Dos a cero indeed!

  • And our Player Ratings.

  • Also, Noah Davis wrote two thoughtful post-game pieces—one about Klinsmann's formation change and another about Omar Gonzalez. They're both worth a read.

  • And we're always thrilled when Jon Arnold soothes us all with one of his ASN podcasts, like he did here. There was a lot more where all of that came from, including game previews, USA-Mexico-themed ASN Morning Reads like this one, injury updates, a still-active poll about those new Domino's Pizza-inspired uniforms, and other fun stuff.

    If you missed any of this, please check it out. And if you have any ideas on how we can get better, let us know. We want to be your favorite website in the world.
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