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The Hexagonal

Can the U.S. Win the Hex Opener in Honduras?

In 2009 the U.S. men's national team played Honduras in San Pedro Sula and secured a hard-fought 3-2 World Cup qualifying victory. Can the team do it again on Feb. 6? American supporters seem to think so.
BY John Godfrey Posted
January 22, 2013
12:38 PM
Here at American Soccer Now, we like straightforward multiple choice polls as much as the next site. We always have one such poll active on our homepage—go to the lower left-hand corner if you don't believe me—and it's great to see the volume of responses we get to our (sometimes nerdy) inquiries.

Occasionally, though, we like to give polls the hero treatment. Some questions require more options than just selecting A, B, C, D, or E—none of the above. For that, we have our interactive polls, which empower you to not only graph your opinion on the topic du jour along an X/Y axis; they also let you expound, explain, defend, rant or pontificate.

It's pretty cool.

Our current interactive poll—"What Do You Expect to See in the Hexagonal Opener Vs. Honduras?"—is just starting to heat up. There are four quadrants where you can make your predictions, but only one of these quadrants is drawing much attention. U.S. fans are expecting a tense match, and either a tie or a narrow win for the Americans.

Here's Joshua Brigman's pulse-pounding prediction: "We score early and barely hang on for the next 80 minutes. The home fans are going nuts and it is getting to our younger players. Klinsmann puts another youngster up front and he draws a penalty. Clint puts it in, 2-0 USA!"

James added this: "America is just flat out better than Honduras. But it is an away game and the U.S. have had trouble with teams they are better than in the past, so anything could happen."

And someone/thing called "TheUnionDues.Net" mapped it out thusly: "A point is a victory on the road against a team likely to qualify. If the team has learned their lessons from the third round they could pull out all three points. I'm expecting a 1-0 USMNT lead to fall to a late goal, and end 1-1."

What do you think will happen on February 6? We definitely want to hear your take in our interactive poll, so give it a click and join the conversation.

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