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Direct from Sarajevo

Tying a Ribbon Around the U.S. Sarajevo Experience

ASN had an exciting three days in Sarajevo, and the United States men's soccer team capped it off with an enthralling victory against the 13th-ranked team in the world. Here's a quick look back.
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BY John Godfrey Posted
August 14, 2013
11:17 PM
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina—It was quite a game, as you probably saw. The slideshow at right will help paint a vivid picture of the experience from folks who were there.

And our ASN correspondent in Sarajevo, Graham Ruthven, did a great job for us....even if he stirred up the hornet's nest with this self-deprecating pieceabout getting lost on the way to the stadium..

Jozy Altidore talked to us a couple of times.

Jurgen Klinsmann did too.

And we had a nice, long chat with the very promising Aron Johannsson.

Of course, we wrote a Player Ratings piece, and we encouraged you to create your own Ratings (and you did!).

And we put our ASN Matrix to use to start a two-dimensional dialogue about what this victory means for the Americans.

If there's one last piece to the puzzle, it's this: the ASN T-Shirt, which is designed to 1) be awesome and 2) allow us to cover more matches like this one. Please check it out, and consider buying a few.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and be sure to tell us what you liked, or didn't like, about our coverage. We promise to read every word.

—The ASN Team

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