This is Soccer?

Street Art in Sao Paolo? Street Art in Sao Paolo.

We take the briefest of breaks from soccer to bring you a bit of culture from the windy roads of Brazil's biggest city. You're darn right that some of the 19 million residents can paint.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 16, 2014
8:47 AM
As ASN's chief street art correspondent, a highly paid and prestigious position within the great journalism hierarchy, I took it upon myself to visit Batman Alley in Sao Paolo to check out the quite excellent street art.

It gets cooler, trust me.

That woman is watching you.

She blends in so nicely.


I did not manage to get video of the kid doing some really excellent freestyle moves in front of one of the paintings as I am not ASN's chief street soccer video correspondent and we take divisions of labor very seriously here at ASN. Desculpe.

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