Tweets of the week

Sean Johnson Looks like a Model; Gonzo Is Samberg

In this edition of Tweets of the Week, the Chicago Fire goalkeeper hams it up on the runway while the Los Angeles Galaxy center back looks like your favorite former Saturday Night Live Star.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
September 22, 2013
12:00 PM
10. Bill Hamid: His music really cuts to your core

9. Maurice Edu: The original. Always the original

8. Brad Evans: Oh, that’s safe.

7. Geoff Cameron: There are in fact six Chipotle locations in England, all of them in London. Stoke plays at Arsenal this weekend, which is good news for Geoff.

6. Heath Pearce: Many of us have learned this the hard way

5. Ike Opara: Best happy birthday of the week

4. Sean Johnson: So fresh

3. Jesse Bignami: The kit man getting in on the action!

2. Robbie Rogers: Fresh laces, Tim

1. Omar Gonzalez: Whoa, that is a striking resemblance

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