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The Hexagonal

New ASN Matrix: How Will The Yanks Handle the Hex?

June is the biggest month in Jurgen Klinsmann's tenure as U.S. coach. We will spill gallons of ink on this topic, but mostly we want to hear from you. Our ASN Matrix puts your opinions front and center.
BY John Godfrey Posted
June 03, 2013
9:51 AM
NOBODY AT AMERICAN SOCCER NOW is shy about expressing opinions.

We are a fiercely independent editorial operation and we don't soft-pedal our criticism of the United States men's soccer team out of fear that we may ruffle a few feathers or miss out on an interview opportunity. (We are also quick to celebrate all that is celebration-worthy, I hasten to add.) Most of all, we are determined to call it like we see it.

And we want the same from our readers.

That's why we created the ASN Matrix, an interactive infographic that allows you, the devoted U.S. soccer fan, to sound off any number of topics. By graphing your position on the topic of the moment and then adding some prose to bolster your position, we put your opinions in the spotlight. So far, you seem to enjoy this tool.

We launched a new ASN Matrix this morning:

How will the U.S. perform in the three World Cup qualifiers in June?

Well? What do you think? We want to hear, your fellow soccer obsessives want to hear, and I wouldn't be surprised if the fine folks at the USSF don't take a look too. Click here to get started.

Join the conversation. That's what this site is all about.

John Godfrey is the founder and editor in chief of American Soccer Now.

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