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Morning Reads: Klinsmann FTW; Beckerman on Zusi

It's the morning of the crucial World Cup qualifier in Kansas City. The coach and the players are ready. The fans are probably hungover thanks to a late-night party. We have all the news that's fit to link here.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 16, 2012
4:13 AM
  • Things on Jurgen Klinsmann's list for tonight's qualifier against Guatemala: Win and nothing else: "We want to win. You only can win a game if you attack and go forward, and that's what we're going to do. We are not looking for a tie."

  • Your money quote about Graham Zusi comes from Kyle Beckerman, courtesy of Steven Goff: “He’s the piano player. K.C. has got a lot of guys who carry the piano. Graham is the guy who plays the music.”

  • Remember when no one thought Michael Bradley was any good? Yeah, those days are ovah.

  • One man who isn't on the roster in KC but could (should?) be: Eric Lichaj. The defender is fighting for a position at Aston Villa, and Steve Sauton believes it's an open competition between the American and Joe Bennett. "Eric has come through the ranks and he's done very well. I've been impressed with him," the manager says. "I know he's mainly a right-back but he's looked comfortable on the left too."

  • Finally, what would a U.S. game be without an American Outlaws party? Tony Meola and Alexi Lalas were just a few of the luminaries in attendance Monday night.

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