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Morning Read: Will Landon Donovan Really Leave?

The biggest star in the United States soccer universe once again hints that he's leaving the game after MLS Cup; Club Tijuana's American trio goes to the finals; Akron goes home.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 26, 2012
3:14 AM
  • Once again, we hear that Landon Donovan maybe, sorta, kinda wants to leave Major League Soccer at the end of the year. "I'm going to take as much time as I need and decide if and when I'm ready to come back," he said. "I can't put a time frame on that. If it takes two weeks and I'm ready to go again or two months or a year or two years. Or never. I don't know." But really, does anyone actually think Donovan isn't coming back? He's a smart guy; he's hedging his bets, taking his time. He'll be back in uniform next year. Trust us.

  • Elsewhere on the LA Galaxy front, check out Will Parchman's epically long breakdown of the tactics they will employ during MLS Cup. Bonus points for taking on the Houston Dynamo as well and saying something beyond "Brad Davis."

  • Club Tijuana shocked Club León in the semifinals of Liga MX, winning 3-0. The victory, in which Edgar Castillo and Joe Corona played parts, sends Los Xolos through to the two-leg final against Toluca that starts on Thursday. This is awesomely fun soccer, people. Get involved.

  • Citizen Klinsmann? The United States national team manager is considering applying for his American passport at some point in the future. Then, of course, he will insert himself into his own Starting XI.

  • Akron suffered a penalty kick defeat against Creighton, sending the team home early. Caleb Porter is off to coach the Portland Timbers. The rest of the team will be back soon enough.

  • J. Hutcherson makes a case for the similarities between MLS and the Canadian Football League. We're not sure we agree with many, or any, of the comparisons, but it makes for interesting reading nonetheless.

  • If you ever wanted to know what makes a soccer ball "knuckle," there's a conference in San Diego that can help you out.

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