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Morning Read: Senor Bocanegra Aprenda Espanol

An American central defender tries out his Spanish; a midfielder makes his triumphant return to the field; details on March's crucial qualifier between the Estados Unidos y Mexico.
BY Noah Davis Posted
January 09, 2013
4:11 AM
  • Captain America is learning a new language. Or maybe he already knew it. Regardless, he tweeted "finally it's over. I can go back," which we take to mean he'll be on the field soon.

  • Speaking of injured players finding the grass once again, Stuart Holden returned to the Bolton Wanderers reserve team, playing 65 minutes in a victory. He looks so happy. Welcome back, kid.

  • Grant Wahl hears that ESPN won the rights to the United States-Mexico match in Azteca. Expect them to go big with the coverage.

  • Zachary Pfeffer scored in his debut with Hoffenheim. The Philadelphia Union product found the back of the net in a friendly.

  • Joe Gyau is very fast. Now tell us something we didn't know.

  • A Seattle Sounders documentary? All right, OK.

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