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Morning Read: Seattle, Portland, Honduras, Brazil

Two stadiums in the Pacific Northwest inch closer to hosting a World Cup qualifier; traveling to Brazil sounds scary and dangerous but not nearly as bad as going to Honduras.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 27, 2012
3:35 AM
  • Brad Guzan shows up on Martin Keown's Premier League Xmas XI. Pretty impressive, even if the American netminder has given up 12 goals in the past two matches.

  • Grant Wahl reports that the USSF is open to playing World Cup qualification games on temporary turf. Are you listening, Portland and Seattle? Here's where we think the games will be, although I personally am still not sold on anything ending up in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Brazil has a crack epidemic: "The reason for crack’s fast spread here remains hard to pinpoint, but law enforcement officials talk of aggressive marketing by drug dealers and of Brazil becoming increasingly appealing to traffickers because of the long, porous borders it shares with the world’s top three cocaine producers." Okay then.

  • Along those same lines, Honduras is, well, yeah. AP correspondent Alberto Arce, the only foreign correspondent in the entire country, checks in with a dispatch from the crime-ridden country. He's based in Tegucigalpa but reports that the scene in San Pedro Sula, the economica capital where the United States opens final round qualification on February 6, isn't much better, and possibly worse.

  • Run run as fast as you can, Chaz Davies:

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