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Morning Read: Introducing Coach Brad Friedel?

The American goaltending legend decides that he'd like to coach one day and works toward making that happen; Juan Agudelo might be on the move; DaMarcus Beasley drops knowledge.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
January 25, 2013
2:52 AM
  • Brad Friedel is planning for his future after his playing days end, but who knows what that will actually be? The 41-year-old, who is totally fine with being a backup to Hugo Lloris, is going through the channels to obtain his coaching licenses and says Tottenham was the best place to be for that.

    In the wake of Friedel’s comments, our Noah Davis makes an excellent point [Editor's note: of course he does!]: “We, the punditry, have so little idea about what’s actually going on during the transfer period. Players have motivation beyond simply getting on the field. Did you, the people, read a story about Friedel’s desire to stay at Tottenham for the sake of coaching when he was looking to re-up or move on? Of course not. He didn’t let that slip.”

  • Juan Agudelo to Celtic is still floating around and the Scottish giant’s manager admits there may or may not be something in the works. "We might have something over the next couple of days” Neil Lennon said. “I can't be more definite than that just now." So, that's pretty much useless. But you have to think Agudelo is looking for outs now that Chivas USA has gone the Mexican-American route.

  • Zach Herold tells the story of being forced to retire at age 17 upon learning he had heart disease. “Doctors told me that at any point in my life, while playing soccer, that I could have dropped dead," he says. Good kid, sad story.

  • As if Jurgen Klinsmann didn't have enough things on his mind, here he is weighing on Robert Lewandowski’s potential transfer because, why not? The American boss said he should follow his heart and also that he hasn't done s--t. One of those comments is true.

  • In case you missed yesterday’s CONCACAF Watch, Mexico announced its roster for the Feb. 6 qualifier. Gosh, that team has some talent.

  • Finally, DaMarcus Beasley has a revelation about his career:

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