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Morning Read: Bradley Blasts Anonymous Players

As the dust begins to settle on KlinsmannGate, the media has descended—or is it ascended?—on Denver in anticipation of Friday's big match with Costa Rica. Lots of reading material for you.
BY John Godfrey Posted
March 21, 2013
8:18 AM
Editor's note: Noah Davis, who usually writes this column, cannot do so today because he is a central figure in a court proceeding this morning. OK, yes, he was called in for jury duty. You'll be glad to know Mr. Davis should be back soon.

  • Our man in Denver, the lovely and talented Jon Arnold, has already posted two pieces from approximately one mile about sea level. (And no, he is not being paid extra for the demanding lung work.) In the first article, posted late last night, Arnold spoke with new captain Clint Dempsey, jovial bon vivant Herculez Gomez, and an angry-but-composed Michael Bradley. Check it out. And read his brief on Brad Guzan while you're at it. Much more to come from us, and him.

  • One person Arnold did not speak to? Landon Donovan. The New York Times' Sam Borden did not speak to Donovan either, but that didn't stop the Gray Lady's recently anointed international soccer writer from penning a long piece about the restive, rested midfielder. Though devoid of Donovanisms, the piece works largely because Borden interviewed two of the most candid, quotable men in the industry: Alexi Lalas and Bruce Arena. It's worth a read.

  • Speaking of The Bruce, Doug McIntyre's ESPN Magazine interview with the Los Angeles Galaxy head honcho is now available online, free of charge, without all of that messy ink that rubs off on your fingers. Arena speaks his mind, as always, and offers up gems like, "unless we spend considerably more on wages, [MLS is] not going to be competitive with the top teams in the world." Are you listening, Don Garber? Hope so.

  • Jeff Agoos, a guy who played for Arena—how's that for a segue, soccer fans?—spoke with Forbes.com about technical directors and what they do.

  • And if you have a half-hour to commit to a 2,998-word piece about the U.S.'s 1989 World Cup qualifying victory over Costa Rica, you're in luck. Roger Bennett just wrote one of those!
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