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Mix, Landon, Terrence & Brek Share Their Thoughts

Some American soccer players have more downtime than others right now—right Jurgen?—so of course they turn to their phones and express themselves on Instagram and Twitter. 
BY Justin Churchill Posted
January 16, 2016
7:40 AM

10. Mix Diskerud

Best in the world.


9. Terrence Boyd 

Dude is feeling it.  


8. Jordan Morris 

So where are you going then?



7. Brad Evans

Ah, I get it...


6. Jozy Altidore

Laces out. 


5. Brek Shea 

Hey, at least she let you put it in PIP.


4. Landon Donovan

Doesn't hurt to share.

3. Stuart Holden

Good luck Stu!


2. Alejandro Bedoya


1. Charlie Davies

Let's help them out!


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