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Landon Tweets Taboos, Dax Receives Follicle Support

Give a young athlete a smartphone and a Twitter account and just watch him go. That's what we do—watch. And then we gather up the 10 best U.S. soccer Tweets for your perusal here.
BY Justin Churchill Posted
January 10, 2014
11:18 AM
THIS WAS A BUSY WEEK for American soccer—perhaps you noticed. Players on the United States national team certainly noticed, and per usual, they took to social media to express themselves.

Here it is, your first ASN Tweets of the Week of 2014.

10. Maurice Edu—Didn't they tell you anything about life in a northern town, Maurice?

9. Michael Harrington—Saying all of the right things. Smart.

8. Amobi Okugo—We love the candor. Most U.S. fans agree with his take. Not sure MLS brass will agree...

7. DeAndre Yedlin—A promising youngster gets his first U.S. national team camp call-up. Hair today, still around tomorrow?

6. Juan Agudelo—Always a joy on Twitter.

5. Geoff Cameron—Paying his respects to the legendary Eusebio.

4. Stuart Holden—That's just kinda creepy if you ask me. And yet, we include it here.

3. Dax McCarty—Nothing wrong with a little red hair on the U.S. national team.

2. Kyle Martino—Ain't it the truth.

1. Landon Donovan—With a resounding statement, Donovan suggests it will be a landmark year for the MLS. (How it all plays out with the national team remains another matter....)

Did Justin get the rankings right? Did we miss a great tweet this week? Tell us in the comments section below.

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