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Klinsmann on Sporting News Article: "No Big Deal."

Addressing reporters for the first time since a damaging article ran in the Sporting News, the U.S. head coach was his usual gregarious, optimistic self. In his view, the article was a non-factor.
BY Jon Arnold Posted
March 21, 2013
8:22 PM
DENVER—As Jurgen Klinsmann faced the media for the first time since the publication of an article involving multiple sources questioning his tactics and ability to lead the United States national team, the U.S. head coach was calm and largely dismissed the report.

When asked about the report at a news conference Thursday afternoon, Klinsmann pointed out he responded within the piece by Brian Straus of the Sporting News and said it would have no effect on his or his team’s preparations for Friday’s match against Costa Rica. He said the stir it caused speaks to the fervor with which people monitor the national team.

“It shows you that people care. It shows you that people question things. It shows you that maybe people get worried about, you know, we lost one game to Honduras. One out of ten in that moment. And you take that as a positive sign,” he said.

The manager unapologetically said he will continue to get players out of their comfort zones by trying to integrate other ways of coaching and thinking and he’ll continue to shape the team the way he thinks it should be shaped.

There are always expectations and pressure placed upon a manger, Klinsmann said, and he’s ready to deal with that despite what looks like a bumpy road ahead.

“I know it’s going to be a difficult qualifying campaign, I know we’re going to face problems with injuries, with cancelations, with climate zones, whatever it is,” he said. “That’s important to go through that and learn to adjust to whatever environment you face at the end of the day. I think that it’s fascinating and I think the opportunity is there tomorrow night to correct the result from Honduras from a couple of weeks ago, get ourselves on the right track and get the points in order to hopefully make everyone happy, but on the other side I’m not here to make everybody happy.”

While Klinsmann didn’t seem bothered by the report and at times even seemed jovial, he did express disappointment the situation has developed.

“Obviously, I prefer if people have any type of problems, like you have a problem with me, come to me, talk to me about it than so-called anonymous quotes where you don’t know who actually said it,” he said. “Is it a player? Is it an agent? Is it whoever, is it a fan or whoever? It doesn’t distract us at all from what we’re here for.

“Our focus is purely Costa Rica, and hopefully after the three points tomorrow night in this beautiful venue we want to go to Mexico and give them a real game. This is what we’re already doing right now to prepare.”

What do you think? Is Klinsmann’s shoulder-shrugging an act or is he really not bothered by the report? Let us know in the comments below.

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