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The ASN 100

Innovation Alert: Here's the ASN 100 Ranking Tracker

We've added a new wrinkle to our already insanely interactive ASN 100 feature. It's called the ASN 100 Ranking Tracker, and it's pretty cool. Here's a brief glimpse at how it works.
BY John Godfrey Posted
September 13, 2013
1:55 PM
EVERY 60 DAYS our panel of "experts" ranks the top soccer players in America, and from these rankings we've created a living, breathing entity called the ASN 100.

You know it. And if you don't know it, you should change that.

These rankings are subjective, yes, but given the number of panelists and the level of obsession we all share for the American version of the beautiful game, the rankings have some merit—if only as fodder for conversation. We like the ASN 100, and judging from the feedback we get, you like it too...even if you don't always agree with every individual ranking.

Well, we've brought a little innovation to the feature: the ASN 100 Ranking Tracker. It's a graphical representation of each players' ASN 100 ranking over the previous nine months. It's basically like a stock chart that shows how Apple or IBM or Facebook has performed on the market over time.

It's a pretty cool way to show an individual player's trajectory. For instance, Freddy Adu hasn't been doing so well lately...

...but Mix Diskerud has.

Eric Lichaj didn't get enough playing time in the early part of the year, and his rankings suffered. But he has started the 2013-14 campaign well, and his ranking received a nice little bump.

And Landon Donovan—he's been all over the place this year.

To see Ranking Trackers for each player in the ASN 100, simply go here, and then click on the image of any player on the list—from Michael Bradley at No. 1 all the way down to Benji Joya in the No. 100 slot.

Our point here: We're still innovating. We're not going to stop.

Give the new and improved ASN 100 a look, share your thoughts, and keep coming back. ASN is determined to become, or remain, your first choice when it comes to American soccer content.


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