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2014 World Cup

How Many Yanks Would Make England's First XI?

Revolution is brewing on the Total Soccer Show as Daryl Grove and Albert Ottati go position by position to see where on the field the U.S. can better its former colonial overlords.
BY Daryl Grove Posted
March 16, 2014
10:58 AM
IT'S TIME TO START measuring the U.S. national team's talent level. Is Jurgen Klinsmann's best XI ready to play with the big boys? Probably not. But what about those top end of the second tier, usually make the quarter-final teams, like England? On the latest Total Soccer Show we put England's strongest starting XI, as chosen by me, up against the U.S.'s strongest starting XI, as chosen by my co-host Albert Ottati.

Then we argue it out, position by position, to see where the U.S. is stronger. We do it honestly, without bias, and with neither of us wearing stars, stripes, or a red coat. Click below to listen.

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