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Tweets of the Week

Flappy Birds, Valentine's Day, and Power Rangers

In this episode of Tweets of the Week, Sydney Leroux and Maurice Edu compare Flappy Bird scores, Herculez Gomez goes legal eagle, and Mix Diskerud almost kisses Stuart Holden.
BY Justin Churchill Posted
February 17, 2014
10:15 AM

10. Jozy Altidore

It's OK to be friends with your sources when you call yourself a "Faux Journalist" and you sometimes wear a cape while interviewing folks.

9. Maurice Edu

Nothing like a little #USMNT - #USWNT rivalry. (The women win.)

8. Herculez Gomez

Herc is not impressed.

7. Eddie Johnson

Returning to his roots for preseason training.

6. Matt Besler

I bet he put his feet up, like a boss.

5. Terrence Boyd

We are slowly making young Terrence more and more American. Next thing you know he'll be riding around in a Winnebago.

4. Stuart Holden

Hard to tell who is enjoying this more. Tie for first?

3. Dax McCarty

Dax with yet another Tweet about Gingerdom.

2. Lee Nguyen

Oh the joys of the Winter Olympics.

1. Mix Diskerud

This whole picture just screams awesome.

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