World Cup Qualifiers

Obsessed with the Hex? We're Ready For You

The fourth and final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualification—the Hexagonal—begins February 6th, and we are obsessed with it. We even created a new section devoted to it. We hope you'll check it out.
BY John Godfrey Posted
January 28, 2013
7:27 PM
SIX TEAMS, including the United States, have made it to the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualification.

The top three will go to Brazil in June 2014. The fourth place team will play a home-and-away series against the winner of the Oceania region for a chance to play in the world's best sporting event. The bottom two teams will go home knowing they came thisclose to a chance at glory.

The World Cup is what it's all about. And it's a huge part of what American Soccer Now is all about. So we created a dedicated channel within our Website that is designed to be your ultimate resource for the Hexagonal.

Yes, we'll have extensive coverage of the U.S. team—but you already knew that. (You knew that, right? Please tell us you knew that.) In this new section, however, we go deep on the five teams that will be trying to claw their way to Brazil at America's expense: Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, and Panama.

Looking for more info on their key players? Got it.

Curious about the coaches and their tactics? We've created profiles for all of them.

We've also provided a tactical analysis for each Hex foe, a history of their recent World Cup qualification efforts, advice for travelers, and a steady stream of videos, slideshows, and up-to-the minute news coverage.

So why are you reading this? Click here and get ready for an amazing year of American soccer.

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