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ASN Morning Read: You Ready for Some Football?

It's finally, finally, finally time for the United States men's national team to take on Ghana in the first match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Read that again, then smile.
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 16, 2014
6:22 AM
  • ASN editor-in-chief John Godfrey is on the ground in Natal, and he took some photos from training on Saturday afternoon. Why so serious, everyone? Oh right, that's because it's the freaking World Cup.

  • Are the Americans out for revenge? Not really. “I want back a lot of things in life, but I can’t get them,” Tim Howard said on Friday. “I think we’re in a good position to face Ghana. There’s no revenge factor. We don’t feel that. That’s not what’s motivating us.”

  • Best World Cup ever so far?
  • Are you short? Good, you have a future in soccer, according to The Atlantic: "There are several reasons for the rise of soccer's little big stars, but the main one is that being close to the ground is a major advantage for midfielders and forwards. Shorter people have a 'quicker stepping pattern,' Stasinos Stavrianeas, a professor of exercise science at Willamette University, told me. Essentially, they're spry: They can change directions much faster than tall folks, and they have better control over their limbs."

  • Hahahaha. I mean, sure?
  • Some truth here:
  • But also: three points.
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