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ASN Morning Read: Well, That Was a Lot of Fun

The World Cup is over but the United States national team captain tallies against his team's biggest rival like it ain't no thang. Plus, where is Matt Besler moving and the new ASN 100 is here.
BY Noah Davis Posted
July 14, 2014
8:15 AM
  • Clint Dempsey returned to MLS and scored a goal in the Seattle Sounders' 2-0 victory over the Portland Timbers. That dude can ball:
  • Despite reports, Matt Besler is not on his way to Freiburg. There's interest in him from two English clubs, but it's going to take a massive transfer fee to pry him away.

  • New ASN 100. New ASN 100!

  • America! Also, is Jermaine Jones coming home (if home were LA)?
  • One of the better pieces you'll read about the World Cup:Before the World Cup began, those protests had created an expectation—or a fear, depending on whether you were making money or having your tax dollars spent—that, when the cameras turned on for this tournament, the protesters would return to the streets. That didn't happen, not on a scale large enough to scare FIFA or Brazil, or create meaningful change. Sports writer Dave Zirin, who was tear-gassed during this World Cup while covering a protest, wrote a few days ago about this disconnect between life on the streets and in the media coverage of that life, and he started the piece by quoting the head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, mockingly asking, "Where is all this social unrest?"

  • We'll be there:
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