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ASN Morning Read: Welcome Back, Landon

The Los Angeles Galaxy star, who never left in the first place, signs a multi-year deal with the club. He'll be around for awhile now. And, oh hey, Freddy Adu gets on the field. Plus, birthdays!
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 29, 2013
8:41 AM
  • Landon Donovan re-signs with MLS. Don Garber's all me likey. His salary is rumored to be around $4.5 million. The comprehensiveness of the excellent welcome back video put together by the LA Galaxy staff would seem to indicate that he was never really that far away from leaving in the first place.
  • Al Jazeera America goes to Seattle, reporting that the Sounders draw better than the New York Yankees. That's impressive on a number of levels.

  • The American Outlaws are going to Columbus in force. The rest of the details are sort of in flux. Should be an amazing environment, regardless of who tifos.

  • Freddy Adu finally starts for Bahia. He "left the field to applause in the 70th minute after appearing to go down with a cramp." We'll call that progress.

  • If you haven't, go read ASN EIC John Godfrey's rant about player ratings. If nothing else, the art is wonderful.

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