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ASN Morning Read: We're Running Out of Adjectives

Are you not entertained? We are very entertained. The kid starts off the Bundesliga season with a rather astonishing performance in the most ho hum manner; Plus, porta potties.
BY Noah Davis Posted
August 21, 2017
3:50 AM
  • CP did what?
  • Just the facts:
  • "Matt Besler was a Sporting Kansas City rookie in 2009, and although he had considered it something of a fairly tale to play for his hometown club, the reality didn’t match the illusion.Sporting KC, then still known as the Kansas City Wizards, played soccer matches inside a minor-league baseball stadium — such an awkward fit that, even eight years later, everybody seems to provide a different example of just how incommodious it was.Here’s Besler’s: In the second half of a match, he needed to use the restroom, so he asked a stadium employee to point him in the direction of the players’ bathroom. Besler’s eyes followed the employee’s index finger to a spot behind the bench. A porta potty.

  • Injuries, Lack of Playing Time Plague U.S. Back Line

  • Wondo:
  • Pretty into this series of Clint Dempsey personalized handshakes:

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