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ASN Morning Read: We're on to Havana, Cuba

The United State men's national team gets on a jet plane and heads south in anticipation of their Friday afternoon match up; the head coach picks a telling slate of goalkeepers.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 06, 2016
4:00 AM
  • "When U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann announced his roster for friendlies against Cuba and New Zealand, the fact that neither Howard nor Guzan was on it was worth a Bill Hader-like raised eyebrow. Instead, Klinsmann opted for the trio of Molde's Ethan Horvath, Club Leon's William Yarbrough and the San Jose Earthquakes' David Bingham. His approach was clear: start planning for the future."

  • Make your Starting XI for Friday afternoon's game.

  • This is how you end up in Cuba: "With World Cup qualifying going on around the world, and some of the CONCACAF opponents not available because of the semifinal round of qualifying, we looked at different ways we could take advantage of this opportunity," says Michael Kammarman, press officer for the US national team. "So, given the time and the place, Cuba was an option, and once it was discussed, everyone was super excited about it. So we went about the process of trying to organize the game with Cuba, and so far, that part's been fantastic."

  • Oh cool, another high-ranking official thinks expanding the World Cup is a good idea: "The reality is that the World Cup is not just an economic beast, but a product that inspires hope for countries. So if we can improve it, make it bigger without losing its romanticism, why not?"

  • We're going to continue covering Bob Bradley here at ASN, so get used to it:

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