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ASN Morning Read: Vital News About Gedion Zelalem

Has the Arsenal starlet chosen to play for the United States?!? No, but the latest revelation might be more important to his future. Plus, tweets from Feilhaber and Lalas reveal the fun side of the USMNT.
BY Noah Davis Posted
May 02, 2014
8:03 AM
  • Gedion Zelalem did an interview for Arsenal’s YouTube channel. He says he used to watch High School Musical, “a lot.” With that revelation, do you still want him a U.S. player?

    OK, we do too.

  • Some American players have world-class skillzzzzz, we swear. Fun stuff here from our boy Blake Thomsen, who told us he prefers High School Musical II.

  • Everyone's all excited about some tournament happening in two years. Don't they know the World Cup is in like 40 days? (But seriously, Copa America is going to be a lot of fun.)

  • Yep, that happened: For the record, the article in question gives Feilhaber a less than five percent chance to make the World Cup roster. In our book, him tweeting about that story is a check in the plus category. Get that man on the plane.

  • Yep, part two:
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