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ASN Morning Read: Two More for Aron Johannsson

All the Iceman does is score goals upon goals upon goals; meanwhile, the stats prove the enduring excellence of Tim Howard and Brad Guzan, while Omar Gonzalez goes to the beach.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 19, 2013
8:52 AM
  • Aron Johannsson scored two goals in AZ Alkmaar's penalty win over Heerenveen in the Dutch Cup round of 16. The tallies were his 16th and 17th in all competitions this season. Not bad. Here's the first. (The second is a lamo penalty kick. Boring.)
  • Terrence Boyd picked up a red card in Rapid Wien's loss to SK Sturm. Tisk tisk, TB.

  • David Roth continues his journey around Qatar, finding a country that, well, just go read the darn thing: "I will be honest: I was going to give Abbas some money even before he sort of saved my life. He was the first person I'd spoken to in something like five hours, I believed his tale of woe, and he seemed like a nice enough dude. Also, like most people, I'm a soft touch for Canadians."

  • Cool beans:

  • The list of best goalkeepers in the English Premier League includes Tim Howard and Brad Guzan. A bit about Brad: "Having saved 69.0 percent of the shots on target he has been dealt, he is only just above average in this sense, but his imposing figure gives him the confidence to come out and dominate his area. He has successfully claimed an incredible 48 crosses this season, a tally 16 greater than any other player in England's top tier."

  • Omar Gonzalez, Graham Zusi, and Brad Evans have such tough lives:

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